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Find quality products offered by vendors that care for the Syrian community online.

Syria is famous for its unique products, such as food products related to its history. Syrian people are eager to maintain their habits and old traditions, whether in Syria or abroad. Though most Syrians are worldwide, they always attach to their country and its particular life.

In the past, Syrian communities found difficulties in living without these products. When they came to make them, they did not find their ingredients, so they used to wait until anyone came from Syria to bring them what they wanted.

Nowadays, it is easy to take what you want from any place because of online stores and selling online. Selling online saves precious Syrian memories for people from any country, Syrian or not. It facilitates reaching from any place to the things produced in Syria and products with a touch of Syria’s spirits.

Sooreety is one online shopping platform allowing many Syrian products online—for example, printed gifts, popular Syrian restaurants and desserts, and Syrian stuffed food for breakfast.

Printed gifts with Syrian touches

Sooreety sells printed gifts with a touch of fantastic ideas and spirits from Syria; for those far from it. It is not any gift; but a gift backed up by the most precious and authentic Syrian deeds. It sells various premium products, including apparel, T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc.

Delicious Syrian food & dessert

Shopping online also contains popular Syrian food and dessert. Sooreety spreads love worldwide by making the best food available online, so anyone from anywhere can taste it. For instance, it sells Sifeha, open-faced meat pies, cheese pies, and different types of Syrian pies. As for the dessert, it sells Madlouka, a trendy and delicious Syrian dessert, and Maamoul, a shortbread pastry filled with dates or nuts, which is popular at Eid.

Order Syrian breakfast online.

Sooreety makes the Syrian breakfast available to all Syrians in the whole world by selling the stuffed breakfast that is called in Syria (Header), such as Akkawi cheese which is a soft, brined cheese made from cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk, Za’atar (thyme) which is a traditional spice blend with Middle Eastern, and Shanklish which is a blue cheese made from sheep’s or cow’s milk. It is primarily produced in Syria and Lebanon.

In brief, Syrian food and other products will not vanish; they are alive because of people whose hearts are related to their country, and everything concerning it will make them happy. Syrian products online will live forever because sales platforms make everything easy for customers from anywhere.

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