About Sooreety

Today Syrians are spread all over the world; many of us are in places that do not feel like us anymore. No doubt being far from Syria made us desire our cultural values and traditions.

Sooreety is the ultimate place where you can express and admire your Syrian heritage. This where you can feel original. This is where you can retrieve your Syrian memories.

Deliver Happiness To Syrians

Sooreety is the destination where you can send out your love to beloved Syrians. This is where distance is no longer a barrier. Our absolute desire is to spread the joy through your loved ones inside Syria. We want to surprise and delight. We want to make some difference because we know they earn it. We believe we can contribute to make Syria a happier place.

About Sooreety - My Syria - سوريتي

Our Missions – What we do

Sooreety’s mission is to glorify the Syrian memories and heritage, especially for global expats. Sooreety is the exclusive place where you can find Syrian-inspired crafts that will satisfy the Syrians inside you.

Our Gift Delivery

We are the new generation gifting portal. Wherever you are around the world, with just one click, we will make all possibilities. When you want to show someone how much you care, we will create for you precious moments, no matter the distance on your behalf of you.


Our Service Breakdown – Elevating The Art Of Gifting

Whatever occasion or even with no occasion, we are the means where you can send anything. You can plan with us the perfect surprise, and we promise to make it come true. We will absolutely make sure your gift creates the impact it deserves.

Our Gift Limitation – Fully Customisable For Every Event

With Sooreety you won’t ever miss a celebration of loved ones; Birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers day, Fathers day, Eid, Valentine’s Day, Weddings, and so on. Whether it’s a birthday cake, a personalized gift box, a flower bouquet, chocolate, food order, a restaurant reservation, groceries, or clothes, or any other item, we carefully source, pack, and deliver.

Your gifts will be carefully chosen and lovingly packed by our gift experts, and timely delivered by our delivery team.

Our T-shirt – Our Original Inspirations

Our global online market has a constantly growing selection of Syrian-Inspired gifts, from super quality t-shirts to traditional and trendy home decor items. Our designs are made by absolute Syrian talents from scratch. We can also draw your own expressions; you just dream and we do the printing.

Gifts with precious Syrian memories

It’s not just any gift, it’s a gift backed up with our most precious and authentic Syrian deeds that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a professional team that creates incredible designs and puts them on the valuable Syrian gift shop. Our range of gifts includes T-shirts for both men and women, Mugs, , Phone cases, stickers, and many more.

Our Vendors – Worldwide Syrian Market

Sooreety is home to many taleneted Syrian craftspeople. Their authentic creations are available for sale across Canada and internationally. We aim to make our vendor portal larger to provide you with all the Syrian crafts that will feed your authenticity demands; reflecting the heritage and deeper traditions of Syria.

We also want to support the Syrian community who forcefully left their lives in Syria to build a new one. We aim to help them sell what they are good at. We want to contribute in making their lives better.


Our Commitment

We are trusted, reliable, and backed up with positive customer reviews. We are committed to providing the Syrian community all over the world with all the assistance they need to make their lives better.

Our goal

Deliver exceptional Syrian products that our customers deserve and making them available for everyone across Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Our Strategy

Supply the highest quality of customer satisfaction and incredible designs delivered with a sense of warmth, humor, friendliness, and the Syrian spirit.


Our Mission

Provide the most compelling shopping experience to our customers and offer the best possible Syrian products and service with the best quality, and highest value.

Learn More About Us

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