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Get T-shirts with famous Syrian quotes, cities, simply anything that makes you feel Syrian.


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حلويات عربية في كندا و امريكا

My Syria – سوريتي

About Syrian T-Shirt

Syrian T-shirt on Sooreety is designed by professional and proud Syrian designers whose aspirations for the Syrian culture and traditions are beyond imagination. We are passionate about helping our Syrian Folks celebrate and embrace their identities through unique designs. Every T-shirt design you see on Sooreety Online store has a meaningful Ethnic story behind it that you can recognize or relate to. That is only if you are genuinely Syrian, ahem…

Designs are inspired by lots of remarkable factors that are highly valuable to the Syrian community. From Famous Syrian characters to Famous Syrian Quotes that have been used from the old days to famous Ethos, and from basically anything that makes it feel Syrian. For example, several items of our top selling Syrian T-shirt are related to a very famous Syrian TV series. Our design collection is modern and diverse, including themes of funny, ethnic, or cause-inspired designs.

At Sooreety we print each and every order on-demand. Our Syrian-inspired designs are printed on high quality and ultra-comfortable t-shirts that are processed and printed in the USA. T-shirts are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You’ll love the way you’ll look with our durable and reliable classic t-shirts.

We are the Syrian T-shirt seller and the world’s first worldwide Syrian online shopping center specialized in apparel and gift products touched with Syrian awesome ideas and spirits. As Gift Shop, we sell a variety of premium products including T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, pillows, and much more. Do you have any comments or questions about our Syrian T-shirt? Let’s hear from you, send us a Message

So if you are Syrian and Proud, Get loud without Syrian Tee. Dimashqi? Halabi? Homsi? Hamwi? Lada’ani? Tartoosi? Dar’awi? Raqawi? Idelbi? Go ahead and Buy from our wide selection of Syrian inspired T-shirt designs that will embrace your unique identity. Browse our unique collections of awesome t-shirts designed by Syrians who’d love to share their beautiful experience with the rest of the world.

Special thanks to all the proud Syrian T-shirt designers who did a great job on delivering fantastic graphics, ideas, and designs, Sooreety honors some of them.