Silky N Sassy is a leading hijab store based in Mississauga Ontario. They offer the best hijab styles for your casual wear or occasional look. They offer quality hijabs online and find plain hijab, luxury hijab, turban, Jersey Hijab, Chiffon Hijab, and hijab accessories. Keep reading to find out how they’re the best hijab store that you can count on for your modest wear.

The Company

Silky N Sassy is one of the biggest online hijab shops in Canada with an updated list of unique collections every season. Aya is the founder of the company and the designer of the Syrian hijab with Arabic letters. Silky N Sassy aims to provide you with a continuous up to date flow of affordable products yet constantly following up fashion trends.

Hijab Categories & Products

Whether you’re looking for the perfect hijab fabric for a specific or generic event, Silky N Sassy offers a wide range of luxury hijabs, including jersey hijabs, chiffon hijabs, and lace hijabs. From neutral to bold hijabs, Aya picks her collections exclusively. Discover their endless collections at their hijab shop.

Hijab Fabric

They offer different kinds of fabrics including jersey, chiffon, and mixed materials and all kind of cotton hijabs, transparent, non-transparent, casual, or luxury hijab with lace. Some hijabs contain more than one fabric. Silky N Sassy offers a rich color palette of hijabs that is a perfect addition for any modest women. The fabric of the hijabs is breathable in the summer and can be effortlessly draped over your head and shoulder. The hijabs are so adaptable and can be styled in multiple ways to create several different fashionable looks.

Turban Hijabs

Turban hijabs give you plenty of room to show your creativity and get a gorgeous look, it also adds glamorous style when you want to look neat and covered.  By the way, turbans are a fully secure way to cover your hair properly and worn with quick simple steps. You will absolutely love wearing this style as we think it is the best style to get started on a full-time busy day.

Shopping Experience

Aya and her team work hard to ensure you have a pleasant hassle-free shopping experience. Shopping at Silky N Sassy local shop or their online hijab store will definitely give you an outstanding experience that Syrians know and expect. They ship worldwide at fair rates, it’s almost 6$ per item which is great shipping cost if you compare it with another hijab website.  Whether you’re seeking a way to finish off your outfit, keep your special occasion Abaya looking a little more modest, you’re guaranteed to find something that will suit your needs.

Useful Resource for Hijabi

Find the latest trends and hijab tutorials at their hijab blog. It’s full of hijab inspirations for scarves and shawls that add instant style to your overall outfit.

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